It is not surprising for most of the population to understand that the human body goes through certain changes at some point in life. However, this concept of inevitable changes is not known to teenagers, and it should be the utmost priority of parents to educate their children about the adolescent age.

The adolescent age comes with different changes in both male and female bodies. For women, the first noticeable change during puberty is breast development, followed by growth of pubic hairs and menstruation. The onset of puberty in males begins at the age of 9-13 years with the growth of penis and testicles, which is followed by pubic hairs and more sweat glands.

The growth of the penis is at different rates for everyone and as they are introduced to sexual knowledge, they began to concern about the average penis size for 13 year old.


The early stage of development

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The onset of puberty in males generally begins at the age of 9-13 and is different for everyone. This stage is also the most crucial part since kids need to be acknowledged about what they are going through. In most of the cases, boys believe that they need to increase the size of their genitals or otherwise they will be far behind than their friends. However, on the contrary, the size of the penis does not indicate any underlying diseases.


The stages of development

According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the stages of penis development in males can be broken down into six stages, including:

  • The commencement of puberty

  • Beginning of enlargement of the male testicles

  • After one year of the enlargement of testicles, the penis will start to grow in size

  • Growth of the penis is followed by the development of pubic hairs

  • The body experiences Nocturnal Emissions

  • The growth of facial hair and the thickening and deepening of their voice around the age of 15

The most important thing to recall is that there is no specific age of penis enlargement, and it is difficult to analyze when puberty starts in males.


The average penis size according to their age

The internet is filled with various online websites describing the average penis size for 13 year old and other ages. It is important to remember that these sized must only be used as guidelines regarding the development of genitals in males.

  • Age 10 to 11: 1.6 inches – 3 inches

  • Age 12 to 13: 2 inches- 4.7 inches

  • Age 14 to 15: 2.4 inches- 5.9 inches

  • Age 16 to 17: 3.9 inches- 6.3 inches



It is extremely important to educate children that the size of their penis does not depict their masculinity. If your children come to you being concerned about his penis size, then it is extremely important to discuss this topic more openly with them. There are slight chances that your kid might be dealing with bullying or teasing regarding this subject. Acknowledge your child’s insecurity and save him from falling into depression or anxiety.