The conception of a small prick is like an unacceptable laughing joke for the heterosexual imagination, as opined by masculinity and its forbearers. The Internet gets flooded with questions under sexual health issues where men leave no chances to ask how to increase penis size. It is a question that has been posed so many numbers of times that the medical health specialists and sexologists have been puzzled with the need to do the same. One should not confuse between natural penis growth and that of penis enlargement, owing to several supplements and exercises.

Statistics have found out that the questions that stem out from the groups that leave no queries to repeat the same question of how to increase penis size are the herd of egoist men who are more concerned about size than their partners. While 85% of women have been recorded showing contentment with their partner’s, only 15% fell out of the equation. All blame to puberty. Ask why? It is solely because it is the age group of the early 20s that out marks the cycle of puberty that begins from age 9 and lasts up to age 14. Until 19 years, the penis is likely not to be much shaped in length and girth.

Penis Enlargement

Several men chuck on pills and expensive medicine to increase their penis size. But it must be told beforehand that natural penis growth is much dependent upon hormonal exposure and differs greatly from one individual to another. What is more commonplace to record that the average size of a flaccid penis is around 3.4 to 3.7 inches while that of an erected pens is around 5.1 to 5.7 inches.

Medical gimmicks are surrounded in the market that persuades people to get their hands down on pills, vacuum devices, and lubricant lotions that promise to widen the girth and strengthen the cock to the maximum level. They also seek to prevent erectile dysfunction and provide gravity to the libidinal part of the body. However, some of the most popular ways, to begin with, is a surgical procedure called penoplasty that aims at adding some length to a flaccid penis by cutting a ligament that joins the penis to the pubic bone. It also leads to changes in erection style.

Other methods include the use of a vacuum pump that acts as a suction for the erectile replenishment. The process of an attached cylinder to a pump that sucks out extra air and makes the penis draw extra blood to look bigger until the time his cock is clamped off with a tight ring that does not let the blood to escape back into the entire body. As the pump has several health risks, individuals go for hand exercises, techniques, and specific jelqing exercises to tone down the pressure on the whole area and answer how to increase penis size.

Bottom Line

Despite the health risks and intervention in the natural process, many individuals are wary of their natural size and problems of micropenis. The former must be kept patience with while the latter needs medical assistance. Other enlargement options like stretching devices or tension weights, are used to observe rapid results. Still, in any case, the normal growth takes place around a length or so for a period of every two months with the aid of a good lifestyle and healthy nutrition.