Most of the time, men suffer from anxiety i.e., whether their penis size will bring in sexual satisfaction with their partners. They are on the worries regarding whether they will be able to satisfy their partner or ladylove.

Agreed with the ubiquity concerning free and easy to access a world of pornography that the internet has to offer, the rise in hard-line marketing by means of companies that offer a promise regarding a bigger penis that involve the use of the enlargers and extenders makes it easy to explore the truth about the men’s genital girth as well as length might have turned out to be vague.

Research has been conducted and most of the time, it has been found that usually, men become a victim of anxiety regarding their adulthood.


Essential facts

Speedy facts about the average size of the male penis:

  • Though the bulk of the women are more or less satisfied with their partner’s penis size, the male partners are not confident (about themselves)

  • It has been believed that 45% of the entirety of men has an undersized penis size.

  • Studies have been conducted, and it has been revealed that on an average, the flaccid length is 7-10 cm.

  • When the penis erects the average length is 12-16 centimeters (erect circumference is about 12 cm)

Possibly, the finest measurement concerning what is regarded as a small penis is set on the threshold that doctors make use of, which they prefer considering during ‘penile augmentation.’

Journal of Urology

Researchers making publish in the “Journal of Urology” went through a comprehensive study of the penis size (on the whole) of 80 men who are physically fit and each of whom measures penile dimension before as well as after erection that occurs due to provocation and inducing drugs. Post discovering the average sizes, they arrived at a conclusion in which they state their opinions.

According to researchers, only those men who consist of a flaccid one with its length below 1.6 inches (i.e. 4 centimeters), or else a stiff and stretched one with a length below 3 inches (i.e. 7.5 centimeters) are the candidates who should go for penile enlargement.

Many studies have been held to investigate the average penis size. “The Journal of Urology holds regarding an assemblage of 80 men. When the penis is flaccid, its normal size is 3.5 inches (or 8.8cm). Again, when their penis erects, the size is 5.1 inches (i.e., 12.9 cm). The study also highlights that an erect penis cannot be linked to the same when it is flaccid.

Again, this may signify that if men who have a penis of various lengths when undergoes flaccid may possess a parallel sized erect penis. There is no connection between the ages of these men and the size of their penis.

The continued study regarding what extent your penis can enlarge regarding whether you are the one who is a shower or grower was promoted by 200 men who concluded that the length of the flaccid has little significance in determining the penile extent when it is in its erect form.